Jeff Timberlake

Hello Mainers!

Jeffrey Timberlake may sound like he’s the sixth member of a boy band, but let’s face it, he’s never been in sync with his constituents.

As your state representative, Jeffrey has been a puppet of lobbyists and massive corporations—and there are definitely strings attached . His PAC takes tens of thousands of dollars from corporate special interests. Then, he funnels money to Republicans in the state legislature—so that they don’t have to look like they’re taking money from those special interests.

One of those special interests is a big health insurance company. So maybe it’s not surprising that when you—the people—voted for the referendum to expand Medicaid, Jeffrey told about 70,000 Mainers bye, bye, bye . He used his position on the House Budget Committee to block those Mainers from accessing healthcare. His decision raised healthcare costs for everyone and pushed rural Maine hospitals toward bankruptcy and closure.

On the other hand, when Jeffrey’s family wanted a tax cut that will benefit their tourism company, he said, This I promise you.” He plans to cut taxes for tourists and push that tax burden onto Maine residents.

Jeffrey should have spent a little more time on you , Mainers. And at the very least, he should have bought his own domain names— and . But he didn’t, so we’d arrange a digital get down of sorts.

Take a look at the information here—because if Jeffrey had you fooled, you’ll see right through him.

And if you want to bring sexy back , make a plan for how and when you will get to the polls. Make sure to leave yourself time to navigate long lines. Make sure you have proper ID, too.

Voters have a choice between Jeffrey Timberlake and the state you love. And on Election Day, it's gonna be Maine .